At Learn To Survive, all of our instructors are, at a minimum, nationally certified, state licensed paramedics. In addition, all LTS instructor have actual, real-life expeditionary experience and extensive field time. They are all very experienced instructors, normally with national education certifications.

We believe it is this combination; advanced medical training, real-world field experience, and education training, that sets us apart from other wilderness and remote training organizations. The old adage that those who cannot do, teach is simply not true at LTS. Every one of our instructors does and then take that knowledge and experiences and passes it on to you, effectively and efficiently. 

Sarah Houghton


Sarah has been a licensed emergency first responder since 2010 and gained her paramedic license in 2021. She holds certifications in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Prehospital Trauma Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, and advanced Medical Life Support. In addition, she is an American Heart Association CPR Instructor and is the Training Officer for the ambulance department where she is employed full time.


She is also an experienced remote medicine and survival instructor, teaching dozens of classes since 2015 in North America and Central Africa. Sarah received her wilderness medicine training from SOLO Schools in Conway, New Hampshire where she is also an instructor.

As and avid outdoorswoman, Sarah is most comfortable in the woods where she enjoys hunting, fishing, and trapping. She also has experience in homesteading skills such as gardening, canning, and raising animals.