Covid Reopen Safety

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Whether you are a business, school, or other kind of organization that needs to remain open during the Covid pandemic, or your organization is now reopening after being closed, there are some critical health & safety components you need to keep in mind to protect your employees, clients & customers, and venders.

Here at Learn to Survive we, in consultation with specific area experts, have come up with a 7 module program covering all aspects of remaining open or reopening during this Pandemic.

Our team’s background involved a wide range of survival techniques in virtually any environment you can think of. We all have advanced medical training, survival and expeditionary experience, and we are all recognized teachers and instructors. You know, normally in these videos where people talk about survival, there is a lot of driving music and running through the woods and talk of “every day carry” and how to manufacture needed equipment from what you can find around you. But we take a different, less frenzied, approach. By the same token, surviving in an environment in which the SARS-CoV-2 virus is active is no less dangerous which is why we have developed this program.

 Our Covid Survival training has seven major components:

 Personnel Management, Building Design or Modification, Building Entry, Outside Equipment Entry, Dealing with Clients, And Covid Myths.

We can provide you with a great deal more information but let’s briefly touch on  each of these areas:

 Personnel Management – this module will focus on creating specific groups of personnel, which we call cohorts, based on not necessarily what department they are in, but what job they do and who they are most likely to come into contact with. The mistake many companies make is grouping people based on who the manager is or what department they work in which is a mistake. We can show you how to reorganize your company in a way that minimized contact outside the specific job-related cohort.

 Building Design of Modification – In some cases, your physical structure may not need any changes or only minor ones. But as this pandemic continues, it is clear that physical barriers are important. We will advise you on the latest guidance from CDC and the WHO as well as train your staff on how best to utilize physical space to minimize the risk of contamination.

 Building Entry – Currently one of the highest group infection rates is Transportation Security Personnel. Why? Because TSA is a bottleneck through which all air travelers pass. This shows us that entry and exit some of the most serious hot points. In military terms, this is sometimes called infil and exfil but for us, what really matters is a system that prevents contamination hot spots. We will show you how to design systems to avoid these serious dangers.

Outside Equipment Entry – This can be as simple as ensuring parking lots are set up correctly to minimize the chance of cross contamination, but if you have employees who must travel, we will work with you and them to design safety parameters to minimize their chances of infection. There are solid strategies for much safer travel and we will show them to you.

 Dealing with Clients – This is a unique aspect of our program and one we believe may be the most important to some businesses. How do you handle those clients, vendors, or others who simply do not wish to adhere to health and safety programs? In consultation with noted corporate psychologists, we will give you proven strategies that will deescalate tense situations and ensure you are keeping your employees and other safe.

 Covid-19 Myths – Who do you believe? Our team are all trained in emergency medicine and are internationally recognized experts at crisis assessment. Knowing how to separate the nonsense from the danger is what we have been teaching for combined decades, and we will pass this real world experience on to you. 

There is, of course,  much, much more to this program than we can include in this video. Watch for future videos with more specific information. 

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